Shaheer Ahmed

Digital Analytics Developer/Consultant
Shaheer works with our agency to help business stakeholders understand the market mix's effectiveness in improving their business and taking data-informed decisions (and does that without fail). His work ethic and cheerful personality have made him a popular part of the BU family in a short time.

With the aptitude, background and analytical abilities suitable for an engineer, everyone around Shaheer expected him to be one. However, realizing his interest in computers and the internet, he changed his path in high school. And we can't thank him enough to have made the switch years ago that led us to cross paths now. 

Shaheer has a knack for taking the initiative and solving problems, even if that means widening the scope of his JD. He is one of the workaholics who go crazy to give a minimum of a hundred per cent to all clients. Surprisingly, he never lets that grind temper with his well-planned, well-organized and well-tracked lifestyle.

Interestingly, our organizing freak is a lovely and humble human who wouldn't burden anyone. Instead, Shaheer loves initiating conversations at the workplace to ask if he can help anyone.

When he's not tracking the growth of that red flower in the hidden corner of his lawn, he's probably doing so on the peak of a un underexplored mountain.

Favourite Quote

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." ― Charles M. Schulz