Shafin Fiaz

Shopify Store, Orders and Logistics Management Team Lead
Shafin received his education in Computer Science and later acquired training in Shopify store management. He is an exceptionally supportive and optimistic team leader who constantly inspires his team members to give their best.

Every workplace needs a person who makes work a little more bearable, and Shafin is that person for us. On a low-energy day, he knows how to cheer you up. 

He’s among the key people who have helped almost literally double up the team's performance and company’s output in a very short time span.

Shafin's business acumen has enabled him to generate quality leads and provide business development services to clients. He's always been interested in logistics and management and took on these responsibilities during his college life as well. 

It's his interest, more than his degree, that has helped him make headways in his career at such a young age. 

When the team is engaged in light music with a refreshing drink or a chilling quiz to eliminate the monotony of work, you'd instantly know the brain behind the idea if you know him well.

Favourite Quote

“Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” – Hillary Clinton,