Samantha Smith

Senior Video Producer
Samantha is the key producer at BeUniqueness. She oversees all of the video content made at BeUniquenes to make sure everything is up to standard. She went to NYU for her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012, and has one decade of experience under her belt!

Samantha manages all of the video work that goes on at BeUniqueness. This doesn’t just mean the time spent on the actual shooting of the videos, but from the brainstorming sessions to the day the video goes live, she’s hands-on, throughout the whole thing. 

Because of her attention to detail, she’s helped BeUniqueness reach the levels of success no one at the company saw coming. She was able to take our company from one that just dealt with stuff that was "written” and gave it the visual life no one was able to give it before! 

People that know Samantha know that this isn’t just the type of dedication she gives at work, but also in her personal life. She’s been a caregiver for her ailing mother for the past 5 years, manages her job as a caregiver and absolutely smashes it at work at the same time. One of the most dedicated people we have ever come across!

Favourite Quote

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills