Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer Harrison


Jennifer has a bachelor’s and master's degree in computer animation from the University of San Diego. Even before graduating, she’d been taking small freelance positions as an animator and has always had a passion for it. She started working at BeUniqueness back in 2018 and has been part of the team ever since!

About - Jennifer Harrison

Before digital art was a thing, Jennifer used to make comic books just for fun. But as she grew older, the art of storytelling slowly became a passion for her. So, she decided that that’s what she was going to pursue professionally too! She took up computer animation as her main degree and started working freelance on the side as well! 

Jennifer had the ability to bring people’s visions to life through her animating skills and learned a lot from freelance work. After she graduated, she found out about BeUniqueness and our work here. She instantly felt connected and felt like she’d be a good match (and so she was)!

From the very first day, she was bursting with the goodness of practical, executable ideas. Ideas that were unique and different! Using the themes provided by the clients and merging their ideas and hers together, she creates masterpieces every time! So far, she’s worked with over 100 clients at BeUniqueness and has blown everyone’s minds with how good she is at turning their ideas into animations.

Other than just drawing around, Jennifer likes to write stories! Since she’s always liked drawing comic book characters, she later began making stories for each one of them too. Turning them into characters with their own elaborate storylines. This actually helps her improve her skill and benefit the company too!

Favourite Quote

“I made tons of films. I did animation for my friends’ films. I animated scenes just for the fun of it. Most of my stuff was bad, but I had fun, and I tried everything I knew to get better.” – Pete Docter