Duyen Nguyen

3D Animator
A keen follower of even the lamest animations as a kid, bringing still images to action was a lifelong dream that Duyen brought to reality at a very early age. She's the one who gives a worth-living for life to the dull, lifeless images at BeUniqueness now.

Life in her neighbourhood wasn't always as lively and colourful growing up as Duyen wanted it. So she didn't rely on the circumstances and decided to add all the colours to her life herself. That's what lead her to have a career in arts.


The more she works on turning still images into animations, the more creativity oozes out of her mind and hands, she says. Therefore, not only is she called the *Artist of BeUniqueness* now, but she frequently offers her services as a Top-rated freelancer on popular freelance platforms. 


When she's not working with any of her video editing or animation projects for BU, she's probably busy designing a comic book or children's book illustration, a wallpaper, a music cover, a cartoon or another artwork. Arts is what keeps her alive and keeps her feeling alive.

Favourite Quote

“Tomorrow never comes, it is always today.” - Osho