Braily Madison

Braily Madison

/Accounts Manager/

Braily is in charge of sales and relationships with specific customers directly linked with our company. He manages the company's ties with an existing client or group of clients to ensure that they continue to do business with BeUniqueness.

About - Braily Madison

Braily had an interest in money from an early age, as he grew up without having too much of it. 

His life was simple in comparison to that of a normal middle-class Aussie family. Dad was a career man who worked a typical 9 to 5 job. Mum used to work two or three jobs at a time.

Despite the fact that his family was never wealthy, his siblings and he had a happy upbringing! His parents dedicated a significant amount of time and money to their education and extracurricular activities. That's where his drive came from.

He felt like he had to pay his parents back and live out his own life. He loved working with numbers and wanted to do something where he could work with numbers and help other people too. With BeUniqueness, he's been able to connect with clients that help him do just that.

Favourite Quote

“It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success.” - David Feherty