Anthony Maya

Marketing Analyst
Anthony is an experienced marketing analyst with a proven track record in the telecoms business. He also has expertise in communication, reporting, and analysis, as well as Microsoft Excel and data analysis.

Anthony assists BeUniqueness in determining which items and services to market, to whom, and at what price. He draws his opinions after researching market dynamics, competitive conduct, and consumer behavior.

He is a driven, confident, and upbeat marketer who is particularly interested in Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Consumer Insights. He was able to build excellent interpretive abilities and critical thinking for decision-making thanks to his essential expertise in marketing communications and data analytics.

He is proficient with his MS Excel abilities and is working on improving his technical skills by learning statistical applications such as R programming, Basic SPSS, and Tableau Visualization. He is constantly striving to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in marketing analytics while also putting his programming skills to use with MySQL.

What’s great about Anthony is that he doesn’t just keep his skillset to himself, he believes in sharing. So, in his time off, he runs a little tutoring course on zoom to help other up and coming analysts learn his craft, and make it their own!

Favourite Quote

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