Aaron Gill

Senior Growth Marketing Manager
Throughout the funnel, he runs iterative testing and uses the results to create data-driven plan adjustments that improve key performance indicators. He is more concerned with strategy than with execution.

Aaron was working for a start-up digital marketing company in 2016 and felt like he wasn't learning anything new. He was a driven man who was dedicated to honing his skills and delivering excellent outcomes.

Aaron realised he needed to move jobs in order to develop new skills, and with that, he ended up in BeUniqueness.

BeUniqueness assigned Aaron a variety of tasks when he first joined their organisation as a junior marketer. He sat down and collaborated with their staff, as a result of which he was able to learn the company's funnel system. After he was totally adept and aware of our system, Aaron offered BeUniqueness with unique strategies that improved key performance indicators. 

He was pretty much a natural at the job, and has been one of the main reasons that the clients of BeUniquness have been able to reach their growth goals in record time! He makes sure that everyone he works with gets to their goals, and then scores extra!

Favourite Quote

“When we let fear be our master, we cannot be happy and free as a butterfly. But when we choose to trust the journey and embrace love and joy, we are free to fly.” - Annicken R. Day