Muhammad Farooq

Klaviyo Email Marketing Manager
Muhammad Farooq is a result-driven Email Marketer and Copywriter with diverse experience in sales and marketing. His exceptional copywriting skills pushed him to try and excel in this domain. Farooq's open rate never fell below 25%, with over a hundred projects under his belt.

Farooq has helped many of our clients improve their email opening rate by crafting interesting copies for their businesses. 

Copywriting is not his first chosen profession. So, nobody who sees his masterpieces believes he's new at this desk.

He often credits his high productivity to his early-bird habits. Farooq wakes up around 05:30 to cover the maximum of his tasks in the first half of the day. That leaves him with plenty of time to explore himself and his intellect and optimize his performance.

Despite being friends with literally everyone around, he manages his work-life balance quite well, keeping everyone around him happy.

Favourite Quote

Work hard in silence; let your success be your noise.