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Marketing for Lawyers

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Why do you need a strong marketing strategy?

Is your firm struggling to work out an effective marketing strategy that will help your firm grow? You won’t be alone, but you can do something about that today!

We are experts in providing detailed, tailored marketing strategies for law firms to help you establish a coherent plan for your future.

Your marketing strategy might include many elements:

These are just some of the tools that you might use in your marketing strategy. We will help you work out which offer the best combination for your firm.

We know that every law firm is different and so are your customers, which is why we offer the opportunity to put together a bespoke package of services that uses the combination of tools you need.

Identifying and attracting the right customers

A central feature of any successful marketing strategy is to target your messages at the right people who will be interested in your services. This means developing a 'buyer persona' of the archetypal customer, somebody whose needs and problems your services can address.

This is based on various features, such as their:

  • Life situation
  • Their most common problems
  • Gender
  • Income
  • The jobs they do
  • Nationality or ethnicity
  • Values and interests

A persona may include other elements too and we will help you draw up a picture of the sort of person you should appeal to.

This will also help shape the nature of your campaigns in various ways. For instance, if your persona is likely to use a particular social media channel a lot, more activity can be directed at that platform.

Why does BeUniqueness offer the best solution?

At BeUniqueness, we recognise that every firm is an individual entity. We work to bring out the unique selling point in every client.

you will find us to be the only provider of digital services for legal firms in the UK to offer a money back guarantee.

Quite simply, if we make a promise to you, fail to deliver on it and it was our fault, you won’t have anything to pay!

So if you want to transform your marketing strategy and increase your ROI, you can grow your law firm with our tailored marketing strategy at BeUniqueness.

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