Marketing For Travel Agency

How Digital marketing offers travel firms tools for marketing to every kind of market

Travel and tourism is a very broad market, so it is important to be very clear about how you set up your marketing strategies.

If you're running a travel agency and struggling to grow your revenue, it means your E-Commerce travel firm needs a carefully targeted marketing strategy.  

However, that will not be the same for each firm for a range of reasons. That could include the kind of travel services you offer, who you are targeting or whether your focus is on seasonal or year-round destinations.

Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy May Vary

The following are examples of the kinds of considerations that could prompt your firm to promote a particular kind of travel

  • You may want to highlight emerging new ‘off the beaten track’ destinations 
  • Your priority could be to focus on the enduring appeal of popular destinations
  • Marketing might need to reflect emerging new kinds of holiday, such as eco-tourism
  • You might have different target markets for different sorts of holiday, or focus on just one area
  • The ‘buyer persona’ of your target market (or different personas for different markets) will steer you towards using the tools most effective in reaching them

The key is to find the best combination of tools to ensure that you are able to provide a compelling digital marketing mix that helps raise awareness of what you offer and turn leads into customers.

What Digital Marketing Services Would Be Best For your Travel Firm

There are many different tools you can use. The following are examples of how some of these can be used in a particular way to affect an aspect of your marketing in a positive fashion.

  •  Content marketing - This can tell a great story, both about your firm and its values, as well as raising awareness of holiday options many people would not normally think of. This can be particularly useful if you are a new firm, as it helps create awareness of you and if your content is well optimised it can reach page one of the search engine rankings in around six months, making it likely to be found by those carrying out keyword searches for holidays.
  • Social media management - Social media is a great platform to show off wonderful scenery, fantastic hotels, people having fun and other great visual props. It is also an excellent way of targeting the markets you want; for instance, Instagram is used predominantly by younger women. Social media also offers opportunities for interaction and better customer service, enabling people to share tips and get swift answers to questions.
  • PPC - Paid ads that appear on search engines are a perfect way to capture those looking for a special deal like a last-minute getaway or a dream cruise. It also generates leads who you can target with further marketing efforts.
  • Call tracking - Want to know what ads, keywords and campaigns work best for your travel firm over the phone and on the web? Using state-of-the art analytics software you can find the answers you need and help you to fine-tune your future posts and content. 
  • Web survey - Want you travel website to be the best, making planning a trip a joy for consumers? Use a web survey to find out what customers think about your site and firm so you can fine tune it and ensure you enhance your site user experience.

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