LinkedIn Advertising Agency UK

There are many options for those wanting to use PPC on social media, but LinkedIn Advertising can be one of the most effective.

LinkedIn is perhaps the most distinctive form of social media around. While other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can be used for either business or for pleasure, LinkedIn’s function as a site for professionals means it is very firmly orientated towards business, networking and career development.

This means LinkedIn advertising can be used very powerfully for those trading in the B2B sector:

  •          LinkedIn’s own research has shown users have twice the buying power of the typical web audience.
  •          Many of those seeing the ads will have the authority to make company spending decisions
  •          It is easier to target ads by focusing on information available about people, such as their profession and geographical location


What type of ads can you use?

The platform has its own specific elements that offer you a number of choices as to how you go about advertising.

Sponsored content

  • Direct LinkedIn posts that appear on your feed.
  •          The advantage of these is that they will be seen by those regularly reading your content
  •          The downside is it will not be seen by those who do not
  •          Its best use will be for marketing to existing customers

Direct sponsored content

  •          These look like sponsored content posts but do not appear on your own feed
  •          The benefit is these are less intrusive
  •          However, those not following your content may not be as likely to see them.
  •          Use to raise awareness more than for leads.

Sponsored in-mail

  •          These have the advantage of being sent in large (up to 15,000 recipients)
  •          The negative is that many of those receiving emails may just be using LinkedIn for job hunting and not looking for products or services, so you might easily end up emailing people who are no prospect at all
  •          For this reason, InMail is best used when targeted at those you can be reasonably sure are good leads

Text ads

  •          The plus side is they can be more effective at getting leads than other social media site
  •          However, the cost is higher than on other social media platforms
  •          Use these when your priority is to gain leads swiftly

Dynamic ads

  •          These are targeted directly at LinkedIn users, with elements including their own names and pictures.
  •          These have the advantage of being very attention-grabbing
  •          The flip side is they can be seen as intrusive.
  •          It is best to use them when marketing to someone you have already had contact with.   

Which of these you choose will depend on your audience, so it is important to consider the buyer persona of your target market as part of your marketing strategy.

What must you do to get started?

There is a simple process involved in getting set up with LinkedIn Advertising.

  •          Sign up with Campaign Manager and Click ‘Create Account’
  •          Add a name for the ad. This should relate to the themes of the campaign such as timeframes, geographical location and the product or service being advertised.
  •          Set the ad objective (awareness, leads etc)
  •          You can set parameters according to profession using terms such as ‘and’, or ‘or’ to select what groups will get to see your ads.

Next comes the important selection of audience parameters, with LinkedIn recommending that people choose an audience of over 50,000 members for a new campaign, or 15,000 for an Inmail campaign.

Another important step is to A/B test your adverts. This works by starting off with two different versions of the same advert. By running them side-by-side, you can establish which of them is the most effective and continue with that.

You also have options when it comes to setting a budget, which can either just be a total figure, or a combination of daily and total. This can be:

  •          Cost-per-click (for PPC)
  •          Cost-per-send (for Inmail campaigns)
  •          Cost-per-impression for viewings of other ads

What can Linkedin’s Campaign Manager do to assist you?

Once you have got started, you can use LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager very effectively to help steer your campaign forwards.

Firstly, you can see within 24 hours if bids you have made for ads have been successful, so you can increase them if required.

Secondly, you can monitor the performance of your ads to see how well they are doing. This will enable you to make informed decisions over whether to keep going with your campaign as it is or make changes to it.

How can BeUniqueness help?

If you want to run a marketing campaign, BeUniqueness can offer many years of experience to help you get the right marketing mix. This includes choosing the right social media for your purposes and the most effective form these ads can take.

To maximise your impact and return on investment, we can also help you select the right combination of other services to run alongside your ads, from content marketing to brand management.