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Why good SEO can benefit the legal sector

Most firms in the legal sector have some online presence, but many fall short because of poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This can come in two forms.

  • Weak organic SEO, which means they will not feature prominently in search engine ranking pages.
  • Poor technical SEO, where problems on a website such as slow load times detract from the user experience.

There is much that can be done to improve legal sector SEO. If this is done you can enjoy some great outcomes as a result:

  • Generate traffic and increase your website rank on search engine platforms
  • Improve the user experience and usability of your website
  • Increase trust among our potential and current clients
  • Better B2B marketing for UK lawyers

How SEO can be improved

The best way to improve the SEO of your content is to include plenty of good keywords that are relevant to the things people will search for online. These can be both short-tail keywords (one word or just a few) or long-tail (longer phrases that represent a more detailed search).

However, it is not all about keywords. Search engines will penalise content where the keywords are not relevant to the rest of the blog or news article. Every part of the content should be well-written, relevant and reliable. The more authority is built up, the better for the SEO.

Technical SEO can be improved by using an expert to tackle problems with programmes that may be causing things like bad backlinks or slow load-up times.

  • When we set up an SEO strategy for solicitors, we cover both these areas.
  • You can customise your own package with a bespoke marketing solution to ensure you get great SEO
  • You can also combine this with other services to get the best from your deal with us.

What we can do

At BeUniqueness, we know how to run an SEO campaign for law firms. Using our bespoke marketing service to help your law firm generate more leads via SEO.

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