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Why is social media a great marketing opportunity?

Social media is something the majority of the adult population uses regularly, yet most law firms have not found a way to make the most of it and are missing out on the opportunities it offers.

Your firm may have little or no social media presence, or maybe you haven’t found a way of maximising what you have now. But with our social media marketing services we can help you make the most of the possibilities and enjoy a great return on investment.

We can do all the following:

  • Help you develop the most effective marketing messages for social media
  • Identify the best platforms for your marketing, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other
  • Plan marketing campaigns using organic SEO  
  • We can help devise legal social media advertising campaigns
  • Use social media management to help you communicate better with clients  
  • Integrate your social media marketing with other digital marketing activities.

 As experts in digital marketing for law firms, we know that for every lawyer social media marketing is just part of the solution to your needs.

That’s why we won’t just create a top social media marketing strategy tailored for your law firm at BeUniqueness; we can add a range of other services to further increase your online presence.

These include:

  • Email marketing
  • Branding services and reputation management
  • Organic SEO and PPC for search engines
  • Competitor analysis

Because every firm is different and has its own unique selling points, we can offer a bespoke option to use the services that work best for you in a way that focuses on the buyer persona of your target market.

Why go with BeUniqueness?

We are not just the UK’s best social media agency for lawyers. At BeUniqueness we believe in providing you with something extra.

That is why we start by providing some FREE services forever, to give you a taste of what we can do before you move on to more.

We are also the only digital services provider to the legal sector in the UK to offer a money back guarantee. This means if we fail to meet our promises to you and it’s our fault, you’ll pay nothing. We’re that confident that we will deliver the goods!

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