Lawyer Marketing

Why do you need great digital marketing?

Traditional methods of marketing have been shown to be obsolete by recent studies, with small and medium law firms finding these provide very low returns on investment.

However, digital marketing offers a much more effective and modern alternative that can provide your firm with a much better way of raising awareness of what you do and how you can offer your potential customers solutions to their problems.

By using digital marketing, you can help your firm to stand out from the crowd, by emphasising your unique selling points, bringing more attention to what you do and by being able to interact more with potential and actual clients. Effective digital marketing will bring in more leads and enable your firm to grow.

What does digital marketing include?

Digital marketing can include the following:

  • Content creation and organic SEO to help raise awareness of what you do
  • Legal Branding Solutions to help you grow a clear identity, so people understand what you and become familiar with it
  • Social media management to help you reach people through these platforms and engage more with them
  • Email marketing to help you follow up leads and lead them through the buyer journey, as well as prompting existing customers to return
  • Paid search to help you get more leads

What is the best approach for your firm?

Each of these tools can help make a difference to your firm’s fortunes. However, everyone is different and a wide array of factors will determine what the best approach is:

  •         Your problems might be different from those of another firm: for example, you may need more awareness of your services, while another might need a clearer brand identity
  •         How long you have been established may impact on your needs, with younger firms being likely to need paid search to get leads and content to raise awareness
  •         You may need your existing approach improving - such as enhancing a social media strategy - or you might need something starting from scratch

This is why having a wide array of different tools available can ensure that the right strategy is developed for your firm, ensuring you get the best marketing return on investments by using the things that will make an impact and not spending time and money on what you don’t need.

How does your buyer persona fit in?

When drawing up a marketing strategy for lawyers, we design campaigns with a focus on  your target market, as defined by its 'buyer persona'. This is an archetype of the kind of people you are looking to market your services to.

This can be defined by a range of factors:

  •          Demographics such as age or sex
  •          Company details (for B2B clients) such as size and sector
  •          Above all, the need they have that you can help to resolve

Your campaigns will reflect this in a range of ways, from the social media you might use (such as LinkedIn for B2B services) to the specific marketing methods. For example, email marketing may involve a shorter buyer journey (the process of moving from initial awareness to the buyer decision) if the need is urgent.

This further underlines the need for the kind of flexible approach we can offer.

What makes BeUniqueness the best?

At BeUniqueness, we know marketing for SME law firms is not like law firm marketing for the bigger names in the market. We also know it takes time and detail to build up your position, particularly when using tools like organic SEO.

However, our experience in providing digital marketing to companies in Manchester has shown that when time and a focused strategy is invested in helping you reach more clients, you can enjoy an increased return on investment and build a firm base for future growth. 

Moreover, we are the only provider of digital services for legal firms in the UK to offer a money back guarantee and cash back policy.  

When it comes to lawyer marketing, we can Help You Grow Your Law Firm and Generate More Leads in a truly unique way. 

Grow Your Law Firm with Tailored Marketing Strategy at BeUniqueness. To find out more on how we can help improve branding for your law firm click here to fill in our enquiry form or book your appointment