Sales Strategy

Every firm needs to sell its goods or services to thrive, so having a clear and comprehensive strategy is vital if want to succeed.

Creating a successful strategy is not about any one single thing; it requires a combination of elements to all be working together well, like the different parts of an engine. If they do, however, you can execute a strategy effectively and enjoy watching the revenue come flowing in.

Why do sales platforms matter?

This first task is to ensure you have the right sales channels and platforms in place. For those using the web, online sales are a powerful tool because it is both popular and growing. This is why B2B e-commerce has been emerging as such a significant force in countries like the UK where internet penetration is very high. 

What should your sales staff do

Your sales staff will need to complete a range of tasks to bring success:

  • Generating leads through knowing what sort of customers will buy your products
  • Develop a strong and well-planned growth strategy 
  •           Know your prospects - this will require understanding of the 'buyer persona' of the target market
  •           Finding solutions to customer problems (this is the primary selling point of any product or service)
  •           Close the deal
  •           Managing the post sales pipeline (this is where good service can delight customers, prompting them to come back for more)

What makes a successful pricing strategy?

Pricing is not simply about a single cost for a single product. As part of a wider marketing strategy, any firm keen to generate sales will also include a range of extra incentives on price besides the headline figure:

  •           Free introductory sample services (known as the Freemium model)
  •           Introductory discounts and special offers
  •           Loss-leaders (a product or service sold at a loss that entices someone to become your customer and thus go on to spend more on other  services)

The right pricing strategy will depend on what you are offering, what your target market is like and other factors such as your brand strength. For instance, an established brand can sell off the back of its name, while a new player in the market may need to offer more incentives and discounts.

What objections must be overcome?

The best sales strategy involves tackling three common objections:

  •           I don’t know you
  •           I don’t need you
  •           I’m not interested

The first is why marketing such as content marketing can make a big difference, by helping raise awareness. But your marketing must also focus on customer needs and outline just why it is that your firm can provide the solution to this need.

If your marketing can do that, it is much less likely that a lead will be uninterested.

How BeUniqueness can help

BeUniqueness understands the sales process from the start to end. We know that getting people interested is just the start. There are many reasons that interest could fade, but with our help you can help take your leads down the buyer funnel and ensure many successful sales.