Freemium Model

Freemium Model

Freemium Model  

Freemium is the name we give to our introductory free packages, which provide you with a great insight into what we do before you move onto a full paid package of services.

We know that signing up for a paid service is something many firms will be a little wary of doing. After all, you want to be sure what you are getting for your money will make a tangible difference.

What is Freemium all about?

Freemium is a try-before-you-buy package of free services that we offer. This gives you a taster of what we can do to help your firm grow by raising awareness of your services, gaining new leads and getting regular reports on how you are performing.

Why is the Freemium model such a great option?

  • This kind of model is increasingly common. Many firms large and small use it in providing services, with many good examples:
  •  A restaurant giving free samples to try
  •  Spotify allowing people to listen to free music on Soundcloud, but with adverts
  •           YouTube allowing free use, but with adverts
  • In these cases, paid services then add something extra: a full meal, or a chance to enjoy music or videos online without the interruption of ads.
  • In our case, we similarly provide our own ‘taster’ menu, alongside a much more extensive range of services you can move onto via a paid package.

How important is Freemium for SMEs?

Freemium is a model your own firm may find itself using for your own customers. While larger firms might still use it to gain an edge on their competitors, in the case of smaller and newer firms you will not have a well-known brand name to trade off. In that instance some consumers may be wary of trying what you have to offer, but by offering a free taster you can show them what is available with no risk to them. Thus it becomes a key part of your marketing strategy.

Will SMEs really benefit from using Freemium?

  • The answer is definitely yes! There is a common misconception that using Freemium does not generate great benefits either for its providers or those receiving these services. In fact, it’s a win-win all round.
  •           It shows clients what a good service they can get
  •           Firms receiving free services such as ours can use them to help boost their marketing
  •           It means consumers and firms alike can spend and invest in confidence
  •           It’s a selling point that can be used in social media marketing

This is what we are all about

At BeUniqueness our mission is to provide our clients with packages that are truly tailored to their needs. That’s why we have deals like Freemium available; so you can see what we do and work with us to shape a selection of services that works best to help your firm and brand to grow, giving you the best possible return on investment for your digital marketing. Check it now