Facebook Advertising Agency UK

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and in the UK it’s usership is only rivalled by YouTube. But how can you best advertise through it?

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the most ubiquitous of social media platforms. In the UK alone almost 45 million people used it in December 2019, according to official figures. Moreover, only a fifth of Britons who use the internet do not go on the platform.

With most users checking the platform daily, the potential for reaching your target audience is obvious and that is why using Facebook Ads can be extremely effective.

Facebook Ads work on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, which means you only pay a fee when one of them is clicked on. This is a very cost effective way to run a campaign and can get you plenty of leads.

As with any other form of PPC, you bid for prominent space on the site. Unlike search engine PPC, however, the ads are designed to target certain people rather than respond to keyword enquiries.

What can you do with Facebook Ads?

The first thing to do with a Facebook ad is to prioritise what you want it to achieve. This could be different things:

  •          Brand awareness
  •          App downloads

The priorities you have will determine how you use this flexible tool. This will then shape how you calibrate it to ensure your campaign is targeted in the right way.

Subsequent steps include:

  •          Choosing your audience: To fit the buyer persona, you can select various aspects such as age, gender and location. Because Facebook is a global site, select UK if you are only trading in Britain.
  •          Choose where to run ads: Ads can be run on platforms other than Facebook. You can also choose to tailor them for mobile, which is useful because the majority of Facebook log-ins come from these devices.
  •          Set a budget so you don’t overspend on ads
  •          Choose the format of your ads, making it as attractive and appropriate as possible for your target audience
  •          Submit your bid to Facebook to secure space on the site

What can you do to monitor progress?

Provided you have successfully acquired space for your ad, you can subsequently track it via ads manager. One of the easiest ways to do this is to start with A/B testing. This works through having two different versions of your ad running at the same time. By comparing their relative performances, you can see which works best.

Even once you have just one ad running, tracking its performance can help you assess whether you need to fine tune it further.

How do best digital marketing agencies make their ad effective?

Knowing the nuts and bolts of setting up an ad is only half the equation in establishing a successful Facebook ads campaign. You also need to make sure it is created in an effective, compelling way. That is where the use of advertising expertise comes in.

Effective elements can include:

  •          Getting the right tone of voice with your message
  •          Creating a compelling theme that you can maintain consistently through all your ads

What can BeUniqueness do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we have extensive knowledge of PPC and social media marketing. We can help you choose the right platform to use and work out the right buyer persona for your target market. This can be integrated into a wider digital marketing plan designed to ensure you get the best results and enjoy a solid return on investment.