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Why should every law firm implement an email marketing campaign?

If you want to deliver new clients to solicitors in your law firm consistently with just a small investment of time and money, em­ail marketing could probably be the cheapest and the most effective solution.

Many lawyers do their main task very well but fail to manage when it comes to communicating with their clients and letting them know what is going on. To boost client communication, our bespoke marketing solutions can bespoke marketing solutions can help you achieve much.

How to design a good email marketing campaign for your law firm

The very first thing to do is to understand and define your buyer persona, as people prefer to read emails that are potentially personalised and designed for them. Example of this include what their personality is like and what they need and want. It is important to have this in place to market your law firm effectively, but this can also dovetail well with the service you provide. 

A legal email marketing campaign can be launched weekly, monthly or quarterly. It is important is to set a time frame as otherwise you will lose clients over some hot topics such as Brexit, Immigration Law Change or any New Regulations.

  • It works double time by acquiring new clients and retaining current clients
  • You always have a clear ROI on metrics that show open rates, click through rates, and other actions taken by people who received your email
  • It brings you quality leads

What can BeUniqueness do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we understand how essential it is to communicate effectively with your target market. We have extensive knowledge and experience in creating a defined email marketing strategy to help solicitors reach more potential clients and turn current clients into loyal ones. To help you generate more leads and reach the right clients, we can design tailored email newsletter and campaigns for your law firm.

We are dedicated marketing agency focusing on the legal sector and we provide FREE services forever to our clients. If you want more clients from our tailored email marketing strategy, click here to register for a free trial or book your appointment.