E-commerce Influencers

Influencers have a prominent and growing role in the ecommerce sector, which means they can be a huge asset for your firm.

The role of influencers has become a central feature of the fast-growing UK ecommerce sector. The more successful ones have large and loyal followings who are willing to trust their advice.

That means if they start recommending the goods and service you offer you can expect a significant rise in custom. But first you must get an influencer on board who will help you tell your brand story and raise your profile.

BeUniqueness can help you do so through our ecommerce influencers service. We can access over 1,000 influencers who can make a difference through various social media platforms

What can Twitter influencers offer?

One of the most influential kinds of influencer is a Twitter user, who can send short, sharp messages through this medium to their army of followers.

  •          These influencers often use visual content to show off products
  •          Unlimited lists of Twitter influencers can be created
  •          They can be found using discovery tools

Why YouTube influencers make a difference

These influencers are effective video bloggers who can offer audio-visual content of various lengths to discuss the various aspects of the products or services they have tested and are recommending. Video content is popular, highly influential and can be easily found on YouTube.

  •          We can find YouTube influencers ideally suited to what you do
  •          You can also find paid sponsorships
  •          Your influencers can get millions of views

Who responds best to Instagram influencers?

Instagram is a powerful medium used by many influencers, with beautiful images offering a strong visual impact. It is particularly useful when seeking to influence a demographic that is mainly young and female.

  •          We can find influencers from a database linked to your specific industry
  •          We can also select influencers based on their numbers of followers and hit rates
  •          We can also filter the search for influencers through keyword searches

Let BeUniqueness help influence you

With our help, we can ensure you get just the right influencers. Depending on the nature of your business or your target market, different influencers or mediums may be best for you.

What you can be sure of is that with great influencers acting as advocates for your brand, you can enjoy a great return on investment.