Display Ads Agency UK

If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level, display ads may have an important role to play.

There are many forms of digital advertising that can be deployed across various platforms; but display ads can be among the most effective.

What are display ads?

Display Ads are banner ads that appear in defined places on a website. These can consist of just plain text ads, although they can be much more effective if other media is used. These include:

  •          Images
  •          Video
  •          Animations

You will have seen this kind of ad on the internet many times. Appearing in places such as the top and bottom of screens, they attract the eye of the reader with their images, bold text and other elements. They can be static, with still pictures, but might otherwise have moving pictures that can help tell a story and attract curious eyes.

The banners come in different shapes and sizes, with the parameters for these being set by the network you are running the ads on. For instance, Google Ads offers a very wide range of possible sizes.

Google Ads is one of a number of platforms these ads can be displayed on. It is possible to do so on a range of different formats, with most platforms able to accommodate the following:  

  •          JPEG
  •          JPG
  •          PNG
  •          GIF
  •          HTML5

Image banners should be less than 150KB in size, while animated banners will have their own requirements according to each platform.

What kinds of display ads exist?

Display ads are used in three different ways:

  •          Retargeting: this is aimed at people who have already had some engagement with your website or brand. 
  •          Acquisition: Where the ad is aimed at directly bringing in new buyers. This tends to be the least effective way to use display ads if you are a new firm as returns tend to be low.
  •          Brand awareness: This is not aiming to bring in sales right away, but to grow awareness over time. By definition, this is a longer-term goal that means you must run a lengthy campaign. It can be very useful for a new firm by expanding brand recognition.

How do you know if your display ad is effective?

The best way to know if your ads are effective is to undertake A/B testing. This is where you design two different ads and run them simultaneously. This way, you can find out which of the two is more effective.

Why do you need a landing page for the ads?

Another factor to bear in mind is that when people do respond to an ad, they will be directed to your site. While your homepage may be an effective destination, you should consider taking an extra website design step by having a bespoke landing page.

This ensures the lead knows they are having their contact with you acknowledged. Like a home page, of course, this landing page will need links to the various options people can click on to follow up their interest or seek further information.

What limitations do display ads have?

Anyone visiting a website using display ads will notice that after a few seconds these can switch to another ad produced by someone else. This is because you will not get complete control of the space and the web service provider (such as Google) can sell it multiple times.

This does create one limitation; Someone clicking on a site may see your site, but they could just as easily see someone else’s ad and they have limited time to click on it.

What can BeUniqueness do to help you?

BeUniqueness can help you establish a marketing and advertising strategy that works best for your firm. This can include helping you get started with a display ads campaign, as well as including all the other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.