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Why solicitors need digital marketing

In a highly competitive market, small and medium-sized solicitors’ firms will always need an edge to get ahead of the competition. That means good marketing can make the difference between ultimate success and failure.

With traditional methods of advertising law firms proving to be ineffective in recent years, the importance of digital marketing for solicitors has grown. It offers:

  • A more modern, digital approach
  • A flexible and dynamic way of reaching potential clients in ways other marketing methods cannot possibly emulate
  • A method that can be adjusted and amended when necessary

How it works

By focusing on the buyer persona of your target market - an archetype based on their typical characteristics such as age, sex, income, education level and much else besides - a tailored digital strategy can be devised to help you reach the people you want to target and prevent you wasting your time and money marketing to those unlikely to be seeking your services.

Our law firm marketing solutions can use various tools, such as:

  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • PPC advertising
  • Social media

These can help create awareness of your services, generate leads and tell a story to highlight the ways in which your firm is unique and can offer clients something different.

While we do offer some fixed packages, we also provide a sample of free services to act as a sample of what we do and bespoke packages that you can work with us to build. Tailored strategies can be especially popular because it means you can have a package shaped especially to the needs of your firm and the nature of your target market.

What we can do to help

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