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Why is digital marketing strategy important for law firms?

The legal sector is a very competitive industry and nowadays it is more difficult for SME law firms to make themselves stand out from other big brands.

As a solicitor in such a firm, you may experience various marketing challenges: Your law firm does not have an in-house marketing team to help grow your business faster, or you may be short of budget to spend heavily on marketing efforts.

Moreover, if you have spent what money you can spare for marketing on traditional methods such as newspaper ads, billboards or events, you will probably be feeling disappointed. As a study by First4Lawyers in 2017 revealed, SME law firms felt they were wasting their money on these, with very poor returns.

Why does digital marketing offer a good alternative?

However, digital marketing offers a modern and powerful alternative. It’s not just that it is a newer form of marketing developed for a digital age; it offers more effective ways of reaching your potential clients.

After all, if you had a billboard ad, it will only be there for a short period of time and someone will have to walk or drive past it to see it. Anything online is likely to be visible for longer and more accessible, especially if it is optimised content that is found through a search engine.

Digital marketing can offer a wide range of possibilities. If you require assistance with brand solutions or online marketing services, there are specific services that can improve your law firm’s online performance. For example, lead generationcontent creation, SEO and PPC strategy, email marketing, social media management, digital PR, website design, blogging and other marketing services that can help you win clients online quickly.

How can digital marketing make a difference?

These can help your firm in various ways:

  •          Content marketing and SEO enables you to produce optimised blogs, news and other content such as video that can be found easily on a search engine and will raise awareness of your firm and what it offers
  •          PPC advertising can gain you plenty of leads quickly
  •          Email marketing can help follow up leads and nudge them towards becoming customers
  •          Social media management can help you create more awareness and interact with potential and actual customers through your social media posts

How can law firms benefit from a good digital marketing strategy?

To find a strategy that will help you best, what you will need is an assessment of your needs. The right combination of digital marketing tools for you will depend on what that is. For instances, as a new firm PPC to get leads may be a priority, while others might want to use email marketing to prompt more former clients to return.

As part of this process, our marketing experts will help you define your buyer persona, so you can know your clients better and gain insights of what they need. This will feed back to our tailored marketing strategy for you. 

Other goals we can help you to achieve include:

  • Get a good review on Google
  • Optimise your legal website to drive more traffic and conversions
  • Create engaging content to attract new clients online

Your marketing campaign will also need some analysis to establish how well it is working, so it can be adjusted when necessary to provide even better results.

For example, if we run a social media campaign for you on multiple platforms and some posts bring many more engagements than others, this can be refined to focus more on the channels that are proving the most successful.

What can BeUniqueness do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we have extensive experience in digital marketing. We are specialising within the legal sector and focus on helping SME law firms through digital marketing. In devising a tailored marketing strategy for you, we can help you decide which marketing solution is the best option for your law firm in order to raise the brand awareness, generate more leads and grow custom, delivering a better return on investment as a result.

You can customise your own package by choosing whatever service you need. Grow your law firm with tailored marketing strategy at BeUniqueness.

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