Good copywriting is essential to get your marketing message across. The right sort of content will help you create awareness and turn leads into customers.

Writing good copy is a vital aspect of your marketing strategy. It will apply across the board from your news and blogs to your emails, from your static website content to offer documents. Whether you are a b2b ecommerce firm or marketing a law firm, you need good copywriting.

Why does copywriting matter?

The key factor to understand is that copywriting is a universal principle in all your written content and that you need to maintain your focus on it in several ways.

  •  You must keep to a consistent message
  •             Your copywriting should include keywords where appropriate
  •            You need to frequently emphasise your unique selling points

These aims will be achieved in slightly different ways according to how you are writing. Content news and blogs, for example, should contain keywords as you want to optimise them to help them get a high ranking on the search engines. By doing this consistently you can push them up to the crucial first page, where most searches start and end.

Consistency is particularly important for your social media. Often your blogs and news will point to your social media and vice versa, so it is important that the message is consistent and that everything continues to drive home your marketing message.

What else do you need to remember?

  •  When doing this, some key factors need to be remembered:
  •            Your target market and its ‘buyer persona’
  •            The rule of seven
  •            Your brand

A buyer persona is an archetypal representation of your customer base, featuring their most prominent aspects. These can be demographic (age, sex), professional (income, the line of work they are in) or situational (what their problem is and how you can solve it). The key is that all copywriting should be targeted with this persona in mind.

The rule of seven is well known to marketers. It states that the average person needs to see a marketing message seven times before they make a buying decision. This is why consistency across your different forms of content matters and why good copywriting makes a difference.

Finally, don’t forget your brand. Copywriting is crucial to helping establish a consistent message about who you are, what you do and why. It enables you to ultimately create an image of your firm as a provider of solutions to a problem, with a positive identity that comes into the minds of someone who hears your firm’s name. 

What can we do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we appreciate the importance of Copywriting. With our help, we can ensure you are conveying a consistent message to your clients and potential clients, paving the way for you to enjoy strong growth.