Content Creation

Great content can make a huge difference to a firm’s appeal to potential clients. It can help raise awareness of what you have to offer, who you are and, most importantly, why you do what you do.

However, telling a compelling story isn’t easy. Moreover, if you want it to be noticed on the web to attract more traffic to your site, you will need it to be optimised with the right kind of keywords to help it reach the first page of search engine rankings. Research has shown most people do not look beyond this first page, so getting there is crucial. That is why search engine optimisation (SEO) matters so much.

What makes content interesting and relevant?

Having the right keywords is not all you need in content marketing.

  • Modern search engine algorithms also look for factors such as relevance and readability
  • This means your content needs to be both well-written and closely related to the topics those using search engines are looking for.
Moreover, you do need interesting content to help take your reader from the initial awareness stage through the consideration phase of the buyer journey.

  • The Rule of 7 states that, on average, a person needs to engage with a marketing message seven time sbefore they commit to a purchase. 
  • For that reason, the reader must find the content sufficiently attractive to want to read more of it.
  • To do this, you must make sure you are aiming your content at the right buyer persona, a representation of the characteristics of your target market.
  • By tapping into the needs, desires and life goals of this group, you can tailor your content to ensure it is relevant. 

Why do you need to tell a story?

Above all, content must tell a story. The basic goods or services you offer may not in themselves be much different to those of many of your rivals, but every firm has a unique selling point (USP) that you can build your content around; it will tell readers why your firm does what it does and why it is motivated to go the extra mile to provide a great service.

That USP might be many things.

  • It could be you are the best in your area in a certain field
  • You may a particular ethical stance on an important issue 
  • You might have developed a way of meeting people’s needs in new ways.
  • Whatever it is, your content should highlight this regularly.

How can BeUniqueness help?

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