RM Fitness


Rabi is a sole trader with experience of working in the fitness sector since 2015. He has helped over 50 clients since setting up in his current role in Bolton in 2019.


The client wishes to expand his business with an increased number of clients, for which he needs leads. His wish is to become the prime choice in Bolton as a personal trainer. This will include gaining a reputation for enabling clients not just to get physically fitter, but also to improve their own lives. 


To generate more leads we ran a series of PPC ads via social media (Facebook). This was designed to bring more leads to the client and increase the business. We monitored the progress of the ads and made adjustments where required. We may also provide additional services going forward,  such as blogs to increase awareness.


These are the results we helped the client achieve:

  • received 14 positive results through 2 designed Facebook ads campaigns
  •  we helped the client closed over 3+ deals per campaign