Platinum Trader


Platinum Trader is a +10 year experience recycling firm in extracting platinum, gold and palladium from any formate. This includes platinum flakes, gold flakes, thermocouple wire, platinum wire, platinum dust, platinum crucibles, general lab waste, sweeps and Jewellery. 




The desire of the firm is to become

  1. A well-known recycling firm for SMEs & large corporates
  2.  #1 individuals' choice for buying their precious metals (i.e. Gold, Jewellry, Palladium etc,),  and become a concierge provider within the next two years.
  3. Get Sales Qualified Leads


BeUniqueness has provided a multi-faceted solution that included Branding StrategyFacebook Ads ( setup multiple campaigns on FB & Instagram, A/B testing, multiple ad creatives, drafting AdCopies, AutoResponding personalised emails to every lead submits a form, Lead Text Notification and more) & Video Marketing 

 Our aim was to bring in more traffic to the site and provide a better user experience for site visitors, resulting in an increase in customer numbers and greater awareness about the firm. 

 Work Synopsis