K2 Law

K2 Law

K2 Law is an online legal training firm that helps students train in immigration law. The goal is to enable trainees to prepare for exams that will enable them to qualify to practice OISC-regulated law. It offers OISC levels 1, 2 and 3 training courses

About - K2 Law


Based in Manchester, K2 Law was incorporated in July 2020 by Soibi Iketubosin, a commercial solicitor who was once the treasurer of Manchester Young Solicitors’ Group and who previously worked as a commercial solicitor for Markel Law. 


The firm has only just been established and therefore does not have a past track record or reputation. In order to gain clients it therefore needs a marketing campaign to raise its profile and bring in leads swiftly. By doing this, it can then start taking on clients, making money and growing its reputation. 


We ran a Facebook ads campaign (including Retargeting, video marketing and Auto-text reply) to provide some PPC-generated leads for the firm. 




Our work for the client produced the following results:

  • run 2 Facebook ads campaign for this client and gained 2 purchases as well as 61 key results respectively  
  • reduced the cost per result down to £1.90 
  • our Facebook ads campaign helped the client close 2 deals