Iron Avengers Fitness


Iron Avengers is a micro-business run jointly by bodybuilder Shaun Corrigan and Kirsty Hancock. It has been running since 2010 after Mr Corrigan founded it, before teaming up with Ms Hancock. It provides 1-2-1 coaching, videos and mutual help through support groups of clients. 


The firm had a strong product but the customer vase was too small. This meant it needed to bring in new leads and increase awareness of what it does. The aim was to become a provider of choice with a strong reputation for offering its clients a strong all-round package. 


The primary solution was the provision of PPC ads via Facebook to generate new leads. The solutions also included SEO work to improve the impact of its blogs, as well as more active social media management. The later would include regular posts to increase awareness and interaction. 


Our work for the client produced the following results:

  • gained 6K+ clicks through the designed Facebook ads campaign  
  • we also helped the client reach more than 110K users