At Hurghada they bring customers the very best of Egypt, ensuring that the tastes of one of the oldest and most fascinating nations on Earth are no longer a mystery, but can be brought straight to your plate in every delicious bite.

About - Hurghada


Hurghada was established in 2008, and they were set up to fill a gap in the experience people living in Britain had of Middle Eastern and North African food.

While it has never been hard to find Lebanese, Afghan or Persian restaurants in big cities, it’s a lot harder to find anywhere selling Egyptian food. So the owner of the restaurant decided to do something about it!


Hurghada clearly has a strong appeal to UK residents with a background in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa region, who will be familiar with its cuisine. However, to make the firm successful, it needed to extend its appeal much wider to reach those not familiar with this cuisine. While many people will see Egypt as a place of great history and culture with a string tourist appeal, its food is less well known. Therefore, bridging the gap was an important part of the campaign.


BeUniqueness provided blogs, PPC and social media marketing to increase awareness of the restaurant and bring together the themes of culture, history and great food to project an image of Hurghada as a place to discover something wonderful and new about Egypt.

Work Synopsis 

  • Social Media Management


Our work for the client produced the following results:

  • Gained over 73% new users from the website traffic in only 2 months' time

  • Grew their Facebook post reach through paid ads by over 49%