Global Travel Studio


Global Travel Studio is a UK-based travel firm that originally specialised in serving the Chinese community in Manchester. The firm was started out in 2011 as a specialist travel agency serving Manchester’s large Chinese community, both those settled in the city and the student population. It now aims to diversify to appeal to all UK travellers. 

The firm also wants to highlight its flexibility in offering a series of popular packages, but also standalone flight deals for those who want to plan their own trips.


This firm suffered from having no website and the challenge for this client is to break away from being a ‘niche’ provider to a mainstream one, by raising its brand awareness and engaging with a wider audience, as well as gaining more new leads to boost more sales. 


Based on the client's objectives, we designed a package of solutions included content blogs for raising their brand awareness, social media management on the most popular social platforms to attract a wider audience and PPC strategy on launching a Facebook advert and a Google AdWords campaign to generate new leads.

Our project also involved designing a new website from scratch (including an online booking facility) in both English and Chinese versions. 

Work Synopsis 

  • Social Media Management


These are the results we helped the client achieve compared to the last period:

  • Attracted 862 new direct visits to their website, which was a 150% increase 

  • Received 63% increase of online bookings via Google ads campaign

  • Social engagement was improved by 85%  by average