Elite Acacia Transfer


Elite Acacia Transfer is a luxury taxi and chauffeur firm that primarily covers airport transfers, being based adjacent to East Midlands Airport. However, it also provides transport to sea ports and railway stations, as well as wedding cars, fun days out and business transportation. It’s USP (unique selling point) is to provide luxury travel at affordable prices, using highly-skilled and courteous drivers with immaculate motoring records free of any infringements.


The desire of the firm is to become a well-known luxury travel and transport firm for the East Midlands area, gain around 50-100 contacts, and become a concierge provider within the next two years.


BeUniqueness has provided a multi-faceted solution that included: website development, improving the client’s content marketing and SEO with a series of blogs to raise awareness, as well as social media management with series of posts. Our aim was to bring in more traffic to the site and provide a better user experience for site visitors, resulting in an increase in customer numbers and greater awareness about the firm. 

Work Synopsis 



These are the results we helped the client achieve:


  • Received 415 new users to their website within only two weeks and the increase rate was 100% 

  • Grew their organic SEO (search engine optimisation) by ranking on page 1 in less than 4 weeks
  • Reached 358 new fans from the Facebook business page, which is a 111% increase