Daryl Woodhouse


Daryl Woodhouse is an expert in business growth strategies, wellness and productivity with over 19 years success track record and 26 awards from helping leaders and their teams to work smarter and live happier.

His speciality is helping leaders and employees tackle workplace stress and anxiety to achieve a better work-life balance, improve mental health outcomes and be more productive in the workplace with enhanced decision-making.

His services come in the form of courses and are provided both online and in person.


The challenge was to help communicate the benefits of using the courses and services Daryl Woodhouse offered by increasing his online presence. The key aim was to reach a global audience more successfully through online means and videos.


Based on the client's objectives, we produced a package of solutions including an E-Book, a videosocial media posts, and an effective paid advert on his Facebook business page to generate more new leads, along with a landing page creation.

A combination of social media posts and video would help explain more about what Daryl Woodhouse offers and help reach a wider audience in both the UK and around the globe. It would also outline the benefits, raise awareness and offer an opportunity to bring in new leads. The solution involved the use of auto-translate, with each video's caption, title and description being translated into 10 languages within 24 hours. These videos have been posted on his YouTubewhere the largest possible audience could see them.


Here are the results that we helped the client achieve compared to the last period

  • Grew their Facebook organic reach by 4299% in the past 28 days

  • Boosted the E-book viewership by 64.84%
  • Boosted the reach by over 6K through our key Facebook ads campaign and reduced the cost per result to just £5.74 per lead
  • Brought a large number of new users to the client's website and the increased percentage was 818.75%

  • Ranked the client's videos on YouTube page 1, with receiving 1969 new subscribers and over 500 page likes worldwide within 1 month


Key facts..

Social Image Design - About Their Training Programme

Social Image Design - About Their Training Programme

Social Image Design - About Their Top Tips

Social Image Design - About Their Top Tips

Social Image Design - About Their Services

Social Image Design - About Their Services