Camp Funday


Camp Funday is an online store selling camping equipment. Unlike others, their site is simple and they set out to create the most comprehensive online camping store anyone could find.

They specialise in selling camping equipment, with the aim of providing everything anyone could conceivably need for their camping trips. 

The firm has also started an online shop, which required some development to help the firm continue its growth.


Camp Funday needed to bring in increased levels of site traffic in order to boost their online sales and enable the firm to compete effectively in a market where even some large retailers (such as Go Outdoors) have struggled recently. 


To help the company grow sales based on their budget and objectivesBeUniqueness carried out enhancements to the website, produced a series of blogs to improve awareness and SEO, and built up the firm’s social media presence to increase engagement.

We also launched a Facebook advertising campaign of a limited offer, using the Hungry Marketing Strategy to help them boost the annual sales in a short period of time. 

Work Synopsis 



Our work for the client produced the following results:

  • The conversion rate jumped to 3.04% with customers who checked out (with payment proceed) after viewing the online store - this is a very impressive number because a good avg. conversion rate for E-commerce shop is 2.35%

  • Boosted the online sales through a Facebook ad campaign by 39% and increased the engagement, including 99 likes, 11 comments and 299 shares within 28 days