• Increase Sales
  • Improve AOV
  • Reduce CPA
  • Maximise ROAS


  • Create and manage Facebook/Instagram and Google ads
  • Create custom, lookalike, interest based audiences
  • Create and manage evergreen prospecting campaigns using broad/interest/lookalike audiences
  • Constantly test various creatives and ad copy to find winning ads using dynamic ad creatives
  • Set up key email automation sequences to maximise your ROI.
  • Bring back cart abandoners - Abandon cart flow
  • Product page abandoners - Browse abandon flow
  • Engage interested prospects - Welcome series
  • Turn impulsive shopper into a repeat customer - Post-purchase flow
  • Encourage repeat orders - Customer win-back flow
Results & Work Synopsis
  • Conversions from Klaviyo: 495 (28%)
  • Total sales: 238
  • ROAS:  2.27X
  • Since the start of this month, the client is getting +2.3X ROAS: