Auto Styler


Auto Styler is a small company that carries out a niche task by focusing on the automotive sector. Examples of its work include branding, logos and advertising slogans on the sides of vans, trucks, cars and trailers. The firm has a Facebook page and states that it is open all the time, but no actual company website. 


The firm is getting around or just over 10 customers per campaign. The challenge is to enhance the firm’s digital marketing campaigns so that it can increase this number.


As the primary goal for the company was to get more customers, we used our FB ad solution to help our client achieve his goal


These are the results we helped the client achieve:

  • Reached more than 27K people through our tailored Facebook ads 
  • Gained +207 new leads per campaign
  • Reduced the cost per result down to £ 2.15 per result