Call Tracking

Call tracking is a highly effective tool that helps you quantify how many people have been seeking to contact your firm via the telephone and what the nature of this engagement has been.


Every digital marketing campaign needs to be assessed using good tracking tools to ensure it is effective. By using things like analytics software and various monitoring tools, you can establish what is working, what is not and make adjustments accordingly.


While analytics tools exist to examine the impact of your digital work - things such as tracking social media engagements, leads, page views and bounce rate - the fact is unless you operate exclusively online there will be people who see your phone number on your website and ring it.


What does call tracking involve?


Call tracking can help provide a much more complete picture of your leads and enquiries by ensuring the data relating to this channel of communication can be collected and assessed. It can do all the following:


  •          It can track the total number of calls being made
  •          By providing different numbers on your website or through different forms of marketing (such as another number on PPC ads) you can establish what is generating the most responses
  •          You can establish the time and date when calls come in
  •          You can listen in to calls to establish how well your customer service team is handling them and whether more training is required


Why is call tracking important?


Without all this, you could be missing out on a very important source of information for your business about how your marketing is working, depriving you of the complete picture you need.


For this reason, call tracking is an invaluable thing to have so that you can get a full and clear picture of whether you are getting the return on investment you need.


As an example, if you are spending money on both PPC and organic blog content, you can find out which of these is generating a better return. For example, it may be that one of them is providing very few new leads for you while another is producing plenty, which might suggest you should cut down on one of them and do more of the other.


Alternatively, it may be that some things work better at some times than others. If a social media ad generates very few contacts when delivered on weekday mornings but plenty on weekend evenings, for instance, you will be able to establish this and increase your focus more on the weekend slots.

This can equally be applied to any marketing activity that will connect your clients and potential clients with your phone numbers.


How does BeUniqueness help you keep track?


BeUniqueness does not just offer a wide array of marketing services, but also a range of analytics tools to help you keep tabs on your marketing campaigns. At the heart of our service is the plan to provide the best integrated marketing communications combination for you. Because each firm is different, this can be tailored accordingly.


However, because it is important to assess how each marketing campaign is going, the use of call tracking and other analytics tools will be invaluable in finding ways to fine tune marketing strategies and ensure that everything you spend is providing the best possible value.


Just as we shape marketing strategies for each firm on an individual basis, so we can use the data we get on campaign performance to go on shaping them, never resting until we have the best possible combination of tools working for you and your firm.


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