Brand Personality

If you want your brand to stand out, it needs to have a personality all of its own.

Developing a brand is a task with several elements. While a memorable logo and distinct corporate colours matter, the building of a strong brand identity requires much more. Indeed, ultimately the brand needs to have a personality like a living human being.

The personality your firm has will reflect the buyer persona of your target market, matching to their needs, aspirations and demographics and positioning you as the provider of the solution to their problems.

What does a brand personality comprise?

  • Examples of such a personality would include:
  •           Excitement (a brand that appeals to younger people)
  •           Sincerity (appeals to families and those needing a sense of security)
  •           Ruggedness (This includes firms trading in outdoor equipment and sports goods)
  •           Competence (Designed to create a sense of reliability)
  •           Sophistication (This is commonly used for luxury products)

The brand personality your firm develops will be a key part of your marketing strategy. It is vital to have the right personality for your business as well as your target market. Indeed, there may be instances where there is an overlap, such as a combination of sincerity and competence for professional services.

A brand personality should be kept distinct from its imagery. Rather, it is the part of a firm’s marketing and tangible assets that generates an emotional response among its target market.

What can you do to build a brand personality?

The key to building a brand personality is to consider how each aspect of your branding will fit in with what you want to communicate.

  •           Firstly, consider the kind of firm you are
  •           Think of your target market
  •           Seek to reflect this in each element of your branding and marketing

The last of these elements is of huge importance. Consistency is vital if you are to create this personality. It means that each and every element of your branding from the logo you adopt and the slogans you create, right through your social media profile, must fit with the image you are seeking to build.

How we can help

At BeUniqueness, we have years of experience of branding services and we know how to develop a coherent strategy to make sure each element of your branding fits with the kind of personality you want your brand to exhibit. With our help, you can establish a clear and attractive brand personality that can help you stand out in the marketplace.