Why did BeUniqueness choose the legal sector?

By Charlie Britten
02 Sep 2019

Why did BeUniqueness choose the legal sector?

Law is a sector that never stands still, not least as its core concerns alter whenever new legislation is passed. But it is also subject to the same changes that affect other industries across the economy.

Such challenges are not just a British phenomenon, of course; changing working landscapes and new legislative situations are in evidence in many countries. Indeed, it because of this reality that BeUniqueness has emerged as a new player providing marketing for law firms in the UK.

What is the best way to solving the SME marketing problem?  

SME law firms face a series of problems compared with larger rivals, not least the fact that the lack of a well-established brand identity acts as a barrier to building up customer loyalty.

It is in response to this that BeUniqueness launched its branding services.

  • These are designed to help firms to develop a positive and distinct image that will enable our clients to stand out from their rivals, increase customer loyalty and consequently increase market share.
  • Smaller law firms generally lack the knowledge of what a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy looks like.
  • To solve this shortfall, BeUniqueness has made the development of digital marketing strategies a key part of the service.
  • Critically, many law firms do not have a full understanding of their target markets, which means they need to develop a buyer persona  representing the traits of those they want to target in order to market effectively. This is a central part of strategy development.

Why do different firms need different solutions?  

At the same time, there is no single formula for success. The ‘uniqueness’ part of the company name is not coincidental; instead, it reflects the opportunity for clients to choose from an a la carte menu of services that suits them, should the more standard packages not be quite what they need to best solve their problems.  

Uniquely tailored solutions mean that each client firm can focus on using the services that best suit their needs.

  • Strategies can be devised for each of them that will help achieve this.
  • This can mean different things to different firms. 
  • One firm might have written plenty of blogs but found very few page visits because they are not achieving high rankings, because they don’t know how to generate good SEO for law firms.
  • Another might not use email marketing effectively.
  • Another might be disadvantaged because they produce no content at all, or need a legal website designer to ensure their site provides a better user experience. 

In each firm’s case, the details of the package will be designed address their shortfall. 

Why should we tell a story?

The launch of BeUniqueness is a recognition that every law firm has its own story, its own mission and its own aims, but all too often their target market does not hear about them.

At BeUniqueness, we are all about helping SME sector law firms to tell their stories.

Our own story is that of helping to level up the playing field. Of course, most SME law firms will not morph into giants of the sector; indeed, many will have no such ambitions. But what they can do is find their own niches.

That may differ from company to company:

  • Some may simply seek to be the best law firm in their own town.
  •          Others might seek to provide a certain type of service better than others in their area.
  •          The key is for each of them to have their own unique selling point, a story underlying why they do what they do, and why they do it. 

How can BeUniqueness make a real difference?

Making a big impact in a crowded marketplace is not easy for any SME law firm. But it is possible with the right brands, marketing strategy and focus.

By achieving success, a law firm can then go on to do what it does best, achieving its most ambitious goals and providing great service to clients.

Indeed, because an effective digital marketing strategy can be used to help firms go the extra mile and offer more to loyal customers, it can help turn them into advocates for the firm. Their word-of-mouth recommendations to friends and family can bring in more custom.

It is by developing strategies that can do all this that BeUniqueness can help your firm to gain an ROI far beyond anything that traditional marketing could achieve. 

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