What are the best PPC options for a small finance firm?

By Charlie Britten
09 Mar 2020

What are the best PPC options for a small finance firm?

Small finance firms like accountants and investment managers will often feel like small fish in a big pond, but PPC can help make a huge difference to your fortunes.

Like any small firm, those working in the personal finance sector can often feel the odds are stacked against them, especially when it comes to marketing.

While larger firms have their own established brands, in-house marketing firms and wider geographical spread, smaller firms may find it hard to get their small voices heard in the big world.

That’s where digital marketing can make a big difference, with one of the most powerful tools being pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

What are the benefits of pay-per-click?

If you want to get noticed online, one way of doing so is appearing very prominently on the first page of the search engine rankings.

This can be done by writing good organic content, although even very well-written, optimised blogs produced in substantial quantities will still take at least six months to build up a sufficiently high ranking to reach the first page - which is where most searches start and end.

PPC offers a clear alternative:        

  • From the very outset, if you bid a sufficient price for the space, you can place an ad on the first page of the search rankings.
  • Alternatively, you can use a social media platform.
  • Because you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, that means you get value for money as you are generating much-needed leads and not spending money on people with no interest in your services.
       Just as importantly, you can control your budget by setting a daily or weekly limit, so you are not going to end up spending too much because you get lots of clicks.

What is the best option?

If using PPC can be effective and valuable, the next stage is to decide how and where to go about it. You need to consider the following.

  • Which platform is the best to use?
  • What should your budget be?
  • How long should you use PPC for?
  •  How do you integrate PPC with the rest of your marketing?

The choices you have for your platform depend on a range of elements, but it is worth considering the following as the most important factors:

  • If you use a search engine, Google will be used far more than any other. However, it costs less to use Bing
  • If you pick a social media site, it is important to consider if your target market is made up of people who are likely to use it - such as professionals if you choose LinkedIn
Your budget should depend on what you can reasonably afford, but bear in mind it is wise not to use up all your marketing spend on PPC - you can combine it with other tools:

Email marketing - to help follow up your leads 

Organic content marketing - to build up your organic SEO in parallel with PPC 

What this shows is that the best option depend on your circumstances, budget and target market. There is no one single 'right' answer, so it is best to work with marketing experts to find the right combination. 

How BeUniqueness can find the right solution

At BeUniqueness, we can devise a tailored solution that fits each and every client. If PPC is part of the right digital marketing mix for you, we can combine it with other tools in the way that best fits your needs and budget.