How your E-Commerce firm can thrive using YouTube

By Charlie Britten
29 Jan 2020
By definition, E-Commerce uses the internet to sell goods. But there is more than just a single website that can help you trade your goods and services.

The development of the internet created a range of commercial possibilities of all kinds, with E-Commerce being the most obvious.

To be able to log on to the web and make online purchases at any time of night or day has provided consumers with a convenient alternative to taking the time out to head to the shops to buy household items or fast moving consumer goods.

However, many E-Commerce sites could be missing out on a range of other online facilities that have the power to help boost sales, not least in the area of marketing. This includes social media, with YouTube being one of the most powerful platforms.

Why is YouTube such a powerful selling tool?

While several social media sites can utilise video, YouTube does so more than most. Indeed, if you want to market your products using video, YouTube offers a range of advantages over other sites.

  •          There is no restriction on the length of videos, making long-form content more viable
  •          You can concentrate on video-only content if you don’t want to mix it with written posts and static images
  •          With a global average viewing time of 40 minutes, visitors to YouTube are prepared to spend more time on it than they are on other social media and seek out specific content, instead of passively scrolling through
  •          A popular video can go viral, ensuring you get more viewings

All this means video marketing is most effective on YouTube. You can use the site with a greater expectation that viewers will stay on the site to see the video in full and watch it from start to finish.

What can YouTube do better than other social media channels?

This means you have an opportunity to communicate with potential customers in ways that other marketing cannot achieve:

  •          You can explain at length the usage and benefits of your products and services
  •          You can do likewise in telling the story of your firm, what motivates it and why you do what you do
  •          It is an effective way to establish authority and awareness   
  •          Videos are easier to find in search
  •          Whenever someone watches a video, YouTube highlights other videos on similar themes, so someone could be directed to your video when watching another one.

Why is a call-to-action important?

Because you have a reasonable expectation that those viewing your videos will do so to the end, you can conclude them with the all-important call-to-action. This may take different forms:

  •          It could be a link to click on to go to a web page for more information
  •          It may be a clickable link to make a purchase
  •          It could be a link to another video

Whichever of these it is, the call-to-action is important because it gives the viewer a clear option to take the next step. In the case of looking at another video, this can take them from the awareness stage of the buyer journey through the consideration phase, while visiting the site would enable them to gather more information to reach the evaluation stage, one step short of making a purchase.

What can BeUniqueness do to help you?

BeUniqueness has years of experience in social media management and can help you devise the right marketing strategy for your firm. This includes helping design videos for your E-Commerce firm that will provide a compelling watching experience for your potential customers to help bring you more sales.