How web services benefit consultants

By Charlie Britten
08 Apr 2020

Most consultancy firms have websites, but many could benefit from the use of web services to improve their user experience and technical SEO.

In an increasingly digital age, most firms need a website and the need for one is generally well-understood, but it is undoubtedly true that among small and medium firms, the quality of site and consequently the standard of user experience (UX) varies.

This means the companies that have their site set up as they should be are at a great advantage over their competitors; sites with the best SEO will attract more views and those with a good UX will provide visitors to their site with greater clarity, better information, present a more professional impression and - crucially - offer ways for leads to continue down the buyer journey towards making a purchasing decision.  

As one of the leading digital agencies in Manchester, we can offer website evaluation and development services that can build in better UX and SEO.

Why is technical SEO so important?

Part of website evaluation work involves improving thetechnical side of SEO. A website can have all sorts of optimised content with good authority, keywords, relevance, high-quality pictures and more, but still fail to secure the crucial first page ranking on search engines.

The cause of this is poor technical SEO, which is where certain shortcomings are penalised by search engine. Common failings include:

  •          Broken pages
  •          Missing or bad backlinks
  •          The use of less secure codes like HTTP instead of the more secure HTTPS or SSL
  •          Slow load-up speed, which tends to cause a higher bounce rate
  •          A lack of mobile-friendliness

This is where bringing in website expertise to identify and eliminate these issues can help greatly improve your technical SEO.

How can you create a great user experience?

UX and technical SEO are closely related. For example, just as mobile-friendliness boosts the technical SEO of a site, so it also provides a better UX for someone who accesses your website from a smartphone.

Similarly, if you have good and working backlinks, that provides an improved UX because those clicking on them will see relevant content instead of something that adds no value.

Other elements of a site that provide a better UX include:

  •          Good navigability, ensuring people can find what they are looking for easily
  •          Provide clear information using not just text, but also videos to explain things that might otherwise be hard to understand
  •          Easy to access call-to-action buttons helping people take the next step
  •          Simple forms to fill in

All of this means your website visitor can find what they want to know on your site quickly, ensuring that if they are interested they can be content they are making an informed decision to proceed - and have the means to progress matters easily.

How can you benefit?

A better understanding of what your website needs to offer the best SEO and UX will leave many of your competitors trailing. Anyone who has viewed a lot of commercial websites will know that many websites are just not up to scratch. Don’t let yours be one of them.

How can BeUniqueness help?

At BeUniqueness, we can offer extensive skills and experience in evaluating, enhancing or even designing websites from scratch, providing major improvements in technical SEO and UX.

Our knowledge of what can help ensure a website is of a high standard can help your firm to thrive. You will find your website enjoys a significantly enhanced and measurable improvement in the level of engagement from its visitors, providing you with a much greater chance of turning leads into customers and ensuring they come back for more.

All this will help complement your other digital marketing activities to help you to maximise your return on investment.