How digital marketing will help new SMEs formed after the pandemic

By Charlie Britten
15 Apr 2020

Few people will be pressing ahead with starting new businesses while the COVID-19 crisis continues. But when the emergency abates, there will be plenty of new opportunities firms can grasp with the help of great digital marketing.

The Coronavirus emergency is not just a health crisis. With so much economic activity curtailed, many firms are struggling to survive and will be relying on help from banks and the government’s ‘furlough’ scheme to pay their staff. The economy is expected to shrink dramatically in the short term.

All that might make now seem like a strange time to be thinking of starting a business. But when the crisis ends, there will be a lot of opportunities.

How can a crisis create new business opportunities?

The following will all be consequences arising out of the crisis:

  •          There will be pent-up demand for many goods and services as people unable to undertake activities from watching films in the cinema to going on holiday set out to do these things as soon as they can
  •          The use of E-commerce and online services may increase permanently as those who were not in the habit of using them before the crisis will end up considering it normal to do so
  •          Some firms may have acted unethically or been seen to treat staff badly by laying them off, causing them reputational damage and opening up opportunities for new competitors
  •          Opportunities will exist to replace companies that were unable to survive

Why will the economic recovery be unusual?

All this means there will be great potential for new companies being set up after the crisis. What will help is that although a recession is inevitable, this is not the consequence of the economic cycle, with the help provided by governments in the UK and elsewhere also helping more firms to survive and more people to stay in their jobs than before.

As a result, the economy will be in a better place to bounce back than before, particularly because those who do have money to spend will be so keen to do so on the things they missed doing.

How great digital marketing can help you

Any new firm needs good marketing, as by definition you will not have had the opportunity to build up your brand identity, a loyal customer base or any kind of visible presence on or offline.

The following can all help:

  •          Content marketing blogs: Content helps raise awareness of your firm, what it is about and how it can fulfil the needs and wants of your potential customers
  •          Pay-per-click (PPC) ads: These can help you get leads early on, helping you bring in customers early
  •          Email marketing: This is a very effective way to follow up leads, with tailored messages designed to engage with the reader depending on what stage of the buyer journey they are at

How BeUniqueness can help you succeed

At BeUniqueness, we can devise a tailored marketing strategy for your firm depending on your needs, the type of business it is and your target market, in order to ensure you have the best means of reaching your markets and growing your firm. This can help you to make the most of the opportunities that will arise as the economy starts growing again.

As well as offering a series of discounts for new firms, we can provide you with a unique money back guarantee, as we are completely confident in our ability to deliver what we promise and help you to get off to a great start.