BeUniqueness set for spectacular debut at LegalEx 2020

By Charlie Britten
18 Feb 2020

This year’s LegalEx event will no doubt see a number of first-time exhibitors, but few will be as noticeable or give cause for as much excitement as BeUniqueness.

You won’t be able to miss us as our revolutionary holographic fan provides a spectacular graphic display of their wide range of services. But this is not a firm that has turned up just to provide some entertainment with a few funky gadgets.

What do we offer SME law firms?

The fan is just one example of how the firm has sought to leverage the very latest digital tools in its mission to offer new and ground-breaking services to small and medium law firms.

Indeed, the company’s mission is founded on the very basis of what digital marketing and branding service can do. In particular, how this form of marketing can help legal SMEs reach their target market in a way that research has shown traditional marketing - such as events, billboards and newspapers - has increasingly failed to achieve.

This means if you are coming to LegalEx 2020, you will find one company that is not just visible among the exhibition stands, but could be the provider of the solution to your marketing needs that you have long been looking for.     

BeUniqueness can meet all of the following needs:

Growing your brand reputation and awareness. We can do this through: 

  •       Developing your brand personality   
  •       Highlighting your brand position   
  •       Designing a business strategy that aligns with your brand, providing the digital content that to boost your profile and draw new custom. We can do this with:
Generating and nurturing leads for your business through:

      Website analysis and social media management. This can be achieved using:

         Online Reputation Management and competitor analysis. We can help protect and enhance your reputation:

  •       Monitoring of social media posts and reviews about your firm 
  •       Collection of posts from people looking for services like your
  •       Call tracking
  •       Finding posts critical of your rivals
  •       Studying how your rivals are performing online and off-line
  •       Discovering what SEO and keyword strategies are most successful

With so many different services on offer, BeUniqueness is able to give you the choice of selecting your own ideal combination of services, while you can also discuss with us what we can do for you.

How can you contact us?

Indeed, if you come to our stand at LegalEx, you can sign up on the day, or make an appointment to speak to us at a convenient time. You can also join our list to get more information.

We don’t just offer a wide range of services; we also offer a series of discounts too, including 15% off your first deal with us.

In fact, we even offer a money back guarantee so that if we got it wrong and that resulted in a failure to do what we said, you’d pay nothing. Not that we ever expect such a thing to happen, of course; but we want you to be every bit as confident about that as we are!

How did BeUniqueness start?

Doing things brilliantly but differently has been the BeUniqueness way from the very start. The company was founded in 2018 by Mo Elhawary, who had gained extensive experience of digital marketing in the United States and its capacity to transform the fortunes of SME law firms who had been struggling with outdated marketing methods.

Aware that such services are now commonplace in the US but rare over here, Mo came to the UK and founded the firm in Manchester, the city where his wife had studied.

With a team of experienced content and digital marketers in place, BeUniqueness has emerged as a genuinely innovative player in the marketplace.  

So, if you are part of an SME law firm and are coming to the expo, be sure to visit our stand and find out more. You won’t be able to miss us with that fan and if you become our customer, you certainly won’t regret forming a partnership with BeUniqueness.