10 ways your law firm can beat the competition

By Charlie Britten
29 Nov 2019

10 ways your law firm can beat the competition

The legal sector is highly competitive, but there are a number of ways your firm can take steps to put itself ahead of many of its rivals.

There are many thousands of SME law firms across the UK, with especially large clusters in certain major cities such as London and Manchester. All that can make the task of standing out from the competition seem daunting and difficult.

However, by undertaking the following steps you can give yourself every chance to get ahead of the pack.

1 - Know your customer

The best marketing strategies have a buyer persona. This is an archetype of the sort of customer you want to attract and sell to, based on a range of characteristics:

  •          Demographic elements like age, sex, race and values
  •          Situational elements like profession, income and education
  •          Most importantly, their problems that you can seek to solve

By knowing who to aim at and what matters to them, you can build a strategy to target the right market.

2 - Have a solid pricing strategy

You should also think carefully about your pricing strategy. What you charge for your services can have a significant impact, particularly if your clients have limited incomes. There are several ways you can go about this:  

  •          Penetration pricing – this is where you set out with a low price to begin with to increase market share before increasing it
  •          Economy pricing – where you offer a ‘no frills’ service at an affordable low price
  •          Price skimming – when you offer a rare service and charge more until more of your competitors offer the same
  •          Product line pricing – where you charge a lower fee for a package of services than for each individual item
  •          Psychological pricing – where you make the cost look lower with a price that finishes with a 99p figure

3 - Find your niche

If you do something distinct and different from the others and are really good at it, you will be able to capture a particular segment of the market for yourselves.

4 – A solid branding strategy

Your brand is not just a symbol like the Ferrari prancing horse or the MacDonald’s golden arches. It is something deeper, that resonates with your customers. It is what they say and think about you when your name is mentioned.

What you need to do to create a strong brand identity that positions yourself as the definitive provider of the solution to their needs. It is about being consistent in your message and identity, as well as emphasising what you do and why.

5 - Customer service

Needless to say, nothing helps boost your brand better than providing great customer service. Not only does this delight your existing clients and make it much more likely they will return to you in the future, but will also turn them into advocates for your firm. With a bit of luck they will end up recommending you to friends, family and colleagues and praising you on social media.

6 - User experience

Every law firm needs a good website and user experience is essential to ensuring visitors get the most out of their use of it, so that they come back and carry on engaging with you.

Key areas include:

  •          Easy navigation around the website
  •          Swift page load-up speed (slow load ups usually prompt people to navigate away)
  •          Good design
  •          Readable and relevant content
  •          Useful information

7 - Key performance indicators

A great way of ensuring you give good service is to set yourself a series of targets to help deal with client issues quickly. Examples of this could include:

  •          Responding to emails and telephone messages within a set timescale
  •          Resolving any errors or problems within a certain timescale
  • These can help you stay on your toes and maintain the highest standards of customer service.

8 - Follow up with your clients

Among the biggest complaints clients of law firms have is that they are not kept up to date on the progress of their cases. By keeping in regular touch and letting them know of any significant development, you can stand out from the pack and help reassure customers at what can be a very stressful time.

9 - Give your client a clear road map of the process

Most clients will not be familiar with legal processes, so it is vital to outline to them how the whole process will work. This will include what each stage involves, likely timescales and what they will need to do.

10 – Stay in touch after cases

Solicitors should remain in touch with clients after cases conclude. This is a major opportunity to generate client loyalty by capitalising on the satisfaction a well-served customer will feel.

Furthermore, because at this stage you will know a great deal about your client, it will be much easier to target them with marketing focused on their needs and persona, particularly tailored email marketing.

What BeUniqueness can do to help

BeUniqueness has extensive expertise in marketing that understands how important it is to cover a wide range of issues. Above all, the most important thing is to find a way of not only attracting customers, but delighting and retaining them so that they become advocates for your firm.

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