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Amazon Sponsored Ads offer another option for firms seeking an effective form of pay-per-click advertising.

There are many forms of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising available that may help your firm, but Amazon Sponsored Ads may be particularly effective.  

As one of the, we are familiar with the various PPC options and here we will compare the pros and cons of Amazon’s Sponsored Ads with the alternatives.  

How they work: A top Manchester digital agency explains

Amazon Sponsored Ads work through the seller selecting a product or service to advertise and then either using assigned keywords or automatic targeting to ensure it shows up on Amazon’s search and product pages.

From there, it works on a PPC basis when someone clicks on the ad.

It can be displayed in three possible locations:

  •          At the start, middle, end or next to the search result
  •          On the display carousel of product pages
  •          External websites to retarget specific customers - this is only available for Amazon customers

It can then be selected for a particular product page and the targeting is done using keywords.

As with other PPC, those wishing to place adverts bid a price and higher bids get the better positions.

How to go about it

The first choice you will need to make using Amazon Ads is whether to register as an individual or a brand. A beginner should do the former, but if your business is established you should proceed as a brand.

Another choice you can make is not to use Amazon’s PPC ads, but instead join Amazon’s Early Reviewer Programme. This will enable you to get reviews faster and can help increase your sales, so this may be the best option for you, especially if a lack of reviews is your biggest concern.

How to manage an Amazon PPC campaign: Learn from of the top marketing agencies in Manchester 

If you choose to use the Amazon Ads PPC service, there are several things you can do to tweak it over time.

  • Each week you should see how you have done and optimise your work according to which keywords have been most (or least) effective
  •          You can set a budget
  •          Making adjustments takes time, but enables your ads to be precisely calibrated
  •          You need to make sure you are accurately pitching your ads at the buyer persona of your target market

Pros and cons of Amazon Ads

In deciding whether Amazon Ads is right for you and your firm, it is worth considering the pros and cons.


  •          The key benefit with Amazon is that by its very nature, it is a site people come on to looking to buy things, whereas that may not be the intention of a Google search or a visit to a social media site
  •          Amazon has global reach, so you can reach more people
  •          This means the likelihood of someone clicking on the ad and then following through to complete the buyer journey is higher
  •          Higher sales can also help improve your organic ranking
  •          While ad campaigns are most useful for new products, even existing products can gain organic ranking via Amazon Ads.


  •          It takes longer to set them campaigns on Amazon than on Google or Facebook
  •          The campaign reporting is less detailed, so it can be harder to get the information you need
  •          Getting placements is harder without a lot of product reviews
  •          The fees can cost more than other forms of PPC
  •          You are bound by Amazon’s own rules


Essentially, the trade off is that there is comparably less information available and more work to do to get started, but the return on investment can be extremely good for those who manage to create a successful campaign.

How BeUniqueness can help you

BeUniqueness can help your firm devise the digital marketing strategy that works best for you. Using our extensive experience of digital marketing and our tailored approach that recognises how every client firm is different, we can help you decide whether Amazon Ads is the best PPC option for you. We can also integrate your PPC it into a wider plan to help your business grow.

All this comes with special introductory offers, further discounts for returning customers and even a unique money back guarantee. This means that if we promise to do something and we were to fail to do so, you would end up paying nothing at all. No other UK digital agency will offer you that, but we do because we are confident that we will deliver what we say we will.